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1. Responsible for software, apparatus, and hardware procurement from colleges, teaching departments, institutes, and administration departments (including the application for tax exemption, clearance and delivery, inspection and acceptance).

2. Responsible for journals and books procurement.

3. Assisting purchasing stationeries, furniture, medicines…etc for administration departments.

4. Conducting school outsource service, such as cleaning, campus security, and water dispenser maintenance.

5. Conducting and managing school restaurants.

6. Allocating school vehicle application for official usage.

7. Receiving transportation fee application of school staffs.

8. Receiving and managing guestrooms for visiting scholars and professors.

9. Receiving and managing conference hall rental application.

10. Assisting decorating, purchasing of large activities and events.

11. In charge of civil defense Affairs.

12. Assisting and organizing examination affairs.

13. Maintaining campus security.

14. Administrating and calculating telephone, water, electricity, and gas bill.

15. Processing garbage recycling and delivery.

16. Assisting international conference and visiting events.

17. Managing and control parking lot and parking permit.

18. Maintaining campus environment.