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Staff Organization :

  • 1 Chief--5 Technologists / 2 Janitors / 5 Assistants
Organization List
image Name : Qing-Xiang Zeng
Position : Chief
Extension : 6172
  1. Fixing up the building at Ib-9-12F.
  2. Contract out contraction of Teaching and Researching Building.
  3. Contract out contraction of International Building.
  4. Modify the suggestion list system of professional and scholar.
  5. Whole services and affairs of Contraction and Building Maintenance.
image Name : Su-Rong Chen
Position : Technologist
Extension : 6170
  1. Fixing up the MA building.
  2. Facilities for the disabled Contraction at Administration Building.
  3. Contract out contraction of Facilities for the disabled Contraction at swimming pool and activity center.
  4. Fixing up the EE building.
  5. Fixing up the illegal building.
  6. Civil maintenance : first dormitory, IB, RB, EE


Name : Shi-Yong Huang
Position : Technologist
Extension : 6171
  1. Surveillance system contraction of school water and electric meter.
  2. Electric machinery equipment maintenance at school.
  3. Contract out contraction of starter and elevator.
  4. Checking IB electric machinery equipment.
  5. Added and maintenance the telephone for each building. Clean septic tank in season.
  6. Management electric machinery equipment at teaching and researching building.
  7. Maintenance communication equipment, high- voltage equipment and elevator.
  8. The area of water and electric maintenance area : International building.
image Name : Su-man Wu
Position : Technologist
Extension : 6173
  1. IB AC maintenance.
  2. Clearing and maintenance AC for whole school.
  3. Fire controlling equipment maintenance and report to Fire Department.
  4. Reservoir and water tower maintenance and report to Department Environmental Protection.
  5. Water quality testing of swimming pool.
  6. Gas boiler of swimming pool maintenance.
image Name : Zhi-Yun Weng
Position : Technologist
Extension : 6169
  1. New contraction of International Communication center.
  2. Fixing up the audio equipment at Ib-9-12F.
  3. Civil maintenance : First, second and third faculty dormitory, third teaching building.
image Name : Ming-Xiong Quo
Position : Technologist
Extension : 3299
  1. Contract out contraction fo IB.
  2. Civil maintenance : Management building, T4, student activity center, first faculty dormitory.
image Name : Ming-Xian Liu
Position : Janitor
Extension : 6252


image Name : Xiu-Hua Ling
Position : Janitor
Extension : 3211
  1. Everyday Official document enrollment.
  2. Print the contraction bidding.
  3. Buy the goods for office.
  4. Management the part-time stuff.
image Name : Ming-Xian Wang
Position : Assistant
Extension : 3233
  1. Testing the generator for whole school.
  2. Renew the AC for whole school.
  3. The area of water and electric : administration building, first, second and third student dormitory and first , second, third faculty dormitory.
image Name : Ting-Ya Wen
Position : Assistant
Extension : 3237
  1. Construction of waterproof at activity and E2.
  2. Management the budget of group.
  3. Civil maintenance : administration building, T1, T2, second dormitory and library
image Name : Yue-Li Liu
Position : Assistant
Extension : 6792
  1. Fixing up the MA building (Only the part of water and electric)
  2. Fixing up the EE building (Only the part of water and electric)
  3. The construction and maintenance of waterproof on rooftop at E2 and activity center.
  4. Renew the water pipe of each building.
  5. Handle sewage problem and green procurement.
  6. The area of water and electric : MA, T2, EE, E2, activity center, gym office (including swimming pool).
image Name : Xiu-Hua Chen
Position : Assistant
Extension : 3238