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General Service Division


1. Purchasing software and hardware for teaching departments.

2. Purchasing stationeries, furniture, medicines, etc for administration offices.

3. Purchasing English and Chinese journals and books for the library.

4. Labor outsource, such as, cleaning jobs, fountains maintenance and security.

5. Maintaining classrooms, lavatories, drinking fountains, and campus public environment.

6. Promoting private participation in infrastructure, BOT and OT projects.

7. Managing retirement pension and pay, payroll, reward and penalty for mechanics and janitors.

8. Managing restaurants and outsource affairs.

9. Dispatching vehicles for official use.

10. Subsidizing transportation fee for staffs.

11. Providing and administrating dormitories for visiting scholars.

12. Application and administration of conference rooms.

13. Purchasing, decorating and assisting large activities.

14. Assisting examination related works.

15. Maintaining the campus safety.

16. Administrating campus parking lot and parking pass.

17. In charge of main control room and calculation of telephone fee.